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Welcome to Vegetable Gardening @ The Vegetable Patch

Looking for the site full of organic vegetable gardening information? You'll find it here at The Vegetable Patch with more practical information for online vegetable gardeners. Use our navigation at the top of the page to find vegetable, herb and fruit profiles, how to guides, discussion areas and regional gardening advice.

Tips for growing healthy vegetable plants and gardens

Our web site isn't one of those theoretical ones. We're about practical tips to help you grow healthy vegetable plants and gardens. Just use our drop down navigation along the top of our pages to find your way around.

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Just starting a vegetable garden?
If you don't know where to start try with our getting started guide for vegetable gardening.

What should I be doing in the garden this month?
We've got a heap of helpful hints from gardeners around the world about what to do in the garden this time of year. So if you're not sure drop by our vegetable gardening hints page.

Big changes coming!
Yes, we've said this before but this time we mean it. After a recent holiday to Sicily in Italy we were inspired to create a website for it. That's easy enough but we were up for a challenge so its been created in Italian (which is harder seeing we don't speak Italian either!) But if you're interested (and you know Italian) let us know how our translation is: Vacanze in Sicilia. Now that its live we'll be turning back to focus on our Vegetable Patch website and other side projects. What does this mean to you the humble vegetable gardener? Only one thing: more and better free info and tips to help you get into vegetable gardening!

We've also been helping getting a new web guy's site up and running at Yosho Mania. Drop by and enjoy! You'll make a new web developer very happy.



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Discover our new website for Italians holidaying in Sicily: Vacanze in Sicilia